Ayurvedic spa resort in Wayanad

Most of us have a lifestyle that easily sickens us. The fast food and busy schedules do not help a bit when it comes to making our days health-focused. For many of us, this is a vicious cycle that cannot be broken easily. To address this problem, the best among the luxury spa resorts in Wayanad, Kuruva Island Resort & Spa, brings you a holistic Ayurvedic treatment program that addresses the issues bothering your body from head to toe. With this Ayurvedic treatment plan, we intend to bring peace and tranquility to your mind by healing the problems of your body with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.

At Kuruva Island Resort & Spa, the best luxury resort and Ayurvedic spa in Wayanad, Kerala, the holistic Ayurvedic treatment program begins with a trained physician assessing your body type and the problems you are facing. Once these two factors are determined, a customized Ayurvedic treatment regimen is defined for the best results. From there, you will undergo a combination of Ayurvedic therapies listed below as per the guidance of the physician.

Abhyanga to stay young

Duration:60 minutes

60 minutes of pure bliss. You undergo full-body ayurvedic massage therapy with herbal oils that will refresh your tissues and nerves. This therapy rejuvenates the skin and soft tissues close to your skin. A steam bath awaits after the massage. Steam bath cleanses your skin and tissues and gives you a youthful radiance.

Foot massage to improve blood circulation

Duration:20 minutes

The wellness of the foot is often overlooked. In this treatment, your foot undergoes soaking and warm oil massage followed by warm towel wipes for 20 minutes. This treatment focuses on restoring proper blood circulation, removing dryness in the soles, and relieving fatigue.

Head, neck, and shoulder massage for relaxation

Duration :30 minutes

A touch on the shoulder is how you make someone relax. Undergoing the 30-minute long head, neck, and shoulder ayurvedic massage will help you relax and ease shoulder and neck pain. Most of us have suffered some sort of pain in these areas at least once. Undergoing this treatment will help you eliminate this pain and be active easily.

Shirodhara’ to stimulate your brain

Duration:60 minutes

During a Shirodhara session, warm ayurvedic oils are poured on your scalp and forehead for 60 minutes. An ayurvedic oil massage of the head is also conducted as part of the Shirodhara treatment. This treatment helps your brain to relax. It reduces stress and anxiety. Taking this therapy at least once a year will help you face the challenges confidently.

‘Chavutti thirumal’ to improve flexibility

In ‘Chavutti thermal, therapists massage different parts of your body with their feet, often with ayurvedic oil. This ayurvedic treatment is perfect to rejuvenate deep tissues. The therapist holds on to a hanging rope and applies a fraction of his weight on your body. Issues troubling your joints, tendons, and deep tissues can be successfully treated with ‘Chavutti thirumal’. The results of this treatment are long-lasting.