"You can play anything!" We dedicate every step of our way to making you happy.

At Kuruva Island Resort we offer our guests an excellent recreational area that offers interactive relaxation and enjoyment. There are many activities here for children and adults to celebrate their independence and spend time in the best possible way. You can spend some time here being creative, interactive and imaginative. Including a trampoline, treadmill, table tennis and small play items for the kids, we create a space here for relaxation while staying at the resort as our guests. One of the best family resorts in Wayanad, it has all the activities you can do to keep your loved ones entertained. Enthusiasm will keep you healthy both mentally and physically, which will surely lead to a cheerful atmosphere that confirms the primitive feeling of being together with your partner. We at Kuruva Island Resort are enhancing those feelings by creating a relaxing atmosphere and enjoying your stay with your loved ones.